Eturivin tyttö [Girl in the first row] music video out now!

Order "Laulaja vailla ääntä" album by sending sms to Vilma Talvitie +358404165539.
One CD for 20€ (including shipping in Finland). 

Valma & Varsinaiset (2010-) is known for their captivating on-stage performance and haunting storytelling. Their music and lyrics are based on something profoundly Finnish: honesty, solemnity and humor. Their songs are mainly written by the lead singer Vilma Talvitie, and the band has together created fresh arrangements out of them. One of the most distinctive elements of Valma & Varsinaiset's sound is their heavenly singing harmonies. The band has published three long play albums: Tuli talvi, ei tahottu in 2012, Jalat alta in 2015 and Laulaja vailla ääntä in 2018.

Contact us:

Vilma Talvitie

Laura Kuisma

Download press quality photos here. (Photographer: Alina Ainola)

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